This Is Your Year to Make’em. Keep ’em.

Happy New Year!  Whether you made your New Year’s Resolutions as a formal written plan or you just have some thoughts wandering in your head about how you would like your life to change, these tips will help you.  We are here to help you, your family and friends make their lives better in 2015.

Draw a line in the sand.  Research shows that more than fifty percent of the people who make New Year’s Resolutions do not keep them.
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If not now, when?  How many years in a row have you made similar resolutions?  Whether it is to lose weight, take care of your spine, improve your relationships, start that new venture or give up abusive habits, these goals will not be reached until you commit to making the changes that YOU know YOU need to make.

Write down the things you know you want to change.  List the immediate and log term changes and make a note as to why those changes matter to you.  Make your reasons compelling so that you have the lasting motivation to stick with it and draw a line in the sand.  Stay conscious about that changes by keeping this list with you to remind you of your commitments and draw a line for yourself by not tolerating going back.

Think about what you are gaining.  Too many people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions because they think about what they are depriving themselves of and not about what they are gaining.  As an example, when you lose weight you are also gaining energy and a feeling of youthfulness.

There are so many “gains” that will improve your life with your commitment to your New Year’s Resolutions.  Shifting the way you think will result in a more positive attitude towards life, people. you work and your skills.  You will begin to feel a sense of control over your situation and circumstances.  You will begin to have more fun.  By thinking this way you will discover an innate sense of energy that will fuel your new habits and new life during this New Year.

Make your health your top priority.  When you lose your health, everything stops.  Many people list different ways they can improve their health.  Chiropractic Lifestyle Care belongs at the top of the list.  Pain relief is on thing and having your body function at a very high level is another.  Maybe this will be your year to get off the pain and sickness roller coaster ride and take your health to the next level.  if you or your loved ones have been crisis motivated, then consider it a crisis that you have made the same resolution over and over again and not kept them.  It’s a crisis if you life revolves around pain relief and symptom masking drugs, feeling tired and sluggish and are not expressing your innate, genetic capabilities to the fullest.  Don’t wait for a heart attack, herniated disc or serious illness!  Make this your year that you turn your power on.

Adjust your lifestyle today and every day in 2015 and this will be your best year ever!

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