A Recipe for Longevity: 33 of the Healthiest Foods on Earth!

“Is it possible to live to 125 or even 150?  It’s certainly a possibility!” says Chairman and CEO of Dole Food Company, Mr. David Murdock.  In 2009 Mr. Murdock joined Oprah Winfrey to discuss his secret to enjoying a successfully healthy lifestyle.

“No pills, not even aspirin ever entered my mouth – everything I need comes from my fish and 30-40 different kinds of fruit and vegetables every week.”  Even at age 86 (he is now still going strong at 92) he continues with this lifestyle and includes 50-60 minutes of cardio and strength training every day.

“By eating many fruits and vegetables in place of fast food or junk food, people could avoid obesity.  Obesity accelerates aging and risk of cancer even faster than smoking, according to scientific research!” This list below contains most of Mr. Murdock’s daily intake.

The Healthiest Food List

  • Apple
    • Boosts immune systemPentz Family Chiropractic Summerville Chiropractor Food be thy medicine
    • Fights lung and prostate cancer
    • Lowers Alzheimer’s risk
  • Artichoke
    • Helps blood clotting
    • Antioxidant superfood
    • Lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Arugula
    • Lowers birth defect risk
    • Reduces fracture risk
    • Protects eye health
  • Asparagus
    • Nourishes good gut bacteria
    • Protects against birth defects
    • Promotes heart health
  • Avocado
    • Limits liver damage
    • Reduces oral cancer risk
    • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Banana
    • Increase fat burning
    • Lowers cancer risk (colorectal, kidney, leukemia)
    • Reduces asthma symptoms in children
  • Blackberries
    • Builds bone density
    • Suppresses appetite
    • Enhances fat burning
  • Blueberries
    • Restores antioxidant levels
    • Reverses age-related brain decline
    • Prevents urinary tract infections
  • BroccoliReduces diabetic damage
    • Lowers risk of cancer (prostate, bladder, colon,
      pancreatic, gastric, breast)
    • Protects the brain from injury
  • Cantaloupe
    • Bolsters immunity
    • Protects skin against sunburn
    • Reduces inflammation
  • Carrot
    • Antioxidants defend DNA
    • Fights cataracts
    • Protects against cancer
  • Cauliflower
    • Stimulates detoxification
    • Suppresses breast cancer cell growth
    • Defends against prostate cancer
  • Cherries
    • Alleviates arthritic pain and gout
    • Lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol
    • Reduces inflammation
  • Cranberries
    • Alleviates prostate pain
    • Fights cancer cells (lung, colon, leukemia)
    • Prevents urinary tract infections
  • Green Cabbage
    • Promotes healthy blood clotting
    • Reduces cancer risk (prostate, colon, breast, ovarian)
    • Activates the body’s natural detoxification systems
  • Kale
    • Counters harmful estrogens that feed cancer
    • Protects eyes against sun damage and cataracts
    • Increases bone density
  • Kiwi
    • Combats wrinkles
    • Lowers blood clot risk and reduces blood lipids
    • Counters constipation
  • Mango
    • Supports immunity
    • Lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol
    • Regulates homocysteine to protect arteries
  • Mushrooms
    • Promotes natural detoxification
    • Reduces risk of cancer (colon, prostate)
    • Lowers blood pressure
  • Oranges
    • Reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol
    • Lowers risk of cancer (mouth, throat, breast, stomach, leukemia)
    • Appetite suppressant
  • Papaya
    • Enzymes aid digestion
    • Reduces risk of lung cancer
    • Enhances fat burning
  • Pineapple
    • Speeds post-surgery
    • Promotes joint health
    • Reduces asthma inflammation
  • Plums/Prunes
    • Counters constipation
    • Antioxidants defend against DNA damage
    • Protects against post-menopausal bone loss
  • Pomegranate
    • Enhances sunscreen protection
    • Lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol
    • Fights prostate cancer
  • Pumpkin
    • Protects joints against arthritis
    • Lowers cancer risk (lung and prostate)
    • Reduces inflammation
  • Raspberries
    • Inhibits cancer growth (oral, breast, colon, prostate)
    • Antioxidant DNA defense
    • Lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol levels
  • Red Bell Pepper
    • Reduces risk of cancer (lung, prostate, ovarian, cervical)
    • Protects against sunburn
    • Promotes heart health
  • Spinach
    • Helps maintain mental sharpness
    • Reduces the risk of cancers (liver, ovarian, colon, prostate)
    • Nutrient dense
  • Strawberries
    • Protects against Alzheimer’s disease
    • Reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol levels
    • Suppresses growth of cancer (colon, prostate, oral)
  • Sweet Potato
    • Reduces stroke risk
    • Lowers cancer risk
    • Protects against blindness
  • Tomato
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Lowers risk of cancer (esophageal, stomach, colorectal, lung, pancreatic)
    • Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Watermelon
    • Supports male fertility
    • Reduces cancer risk (prostate, ovarian, cervical, oral, pharyngeal)
    • Protects skin against sunburn

David Murdock continues to share his wealth of knowledge through his companies, campaigns and the Dole Nutrition Institute at www.dolenutrition.com.

Visit our websitfor more information on how to live a happier and healthier life!

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