Four Most Dangerous Toxins to the Brain

  • Fluoride:
    • Adding fluoride to public drinking water as a way to fight tooth decay has had the most widespread effect on the brains of people across North America.
    • The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has reported on a study which found that fluoride is linked to lower IQ, even at the ranges added to U.S. water supplies. In all, FAN said that 34 studies now link fluoride to lower IQ levels in humans, while many other studies link fluoride to learning and memory impairment, fetal brain damage and altered neurobehavioral function.
    • One study sponsored by UNICEF found that IQ was reduced at just 0.88 mg/l of fluoride, a level that is considered within optimal range and is added to U. S. drinking water systems that serve over 200 million Americans every day.
    • Removing fluoride from your water supply is often as simple as installing a high-quality water filter.
  • Heavy MetalsPentz Family Chiropractic Summerville Brain image
    • Heavy metals are common in the bodies and brains of millions thanks to vaccines, dental procedures, agricultural chemicals, industrial pollution, fish, chicken and more.
    • Those most susceptible to brain damage due to mercury are newborn babies who do not have a properly developed blood-brain barrier and are generally subjected to an intense vaccination schedule that injects mercury directly into their body.
    • Robert Nash, M.D. also suggests the toxic effects of mercury can cause brain-related diseases including Autism, Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS, and Parkinson’s disease.
    • To ensure that you don’t endure any future heavy metal poisoning, avoid the flu shot, mercury fillings and chemicals, and take safety precautions when consuming seafood.
  • Artificial Sweeteners
    • The advent of artificial sweeteners and the negative effects on the brain have been well-documented. They are found in sodas, yogurt, gum, sauces, sweeteners, flavored water, cereal and sugar-free items.
    • Aspartame is a combination of chemicals, namely aspartic acid (an amino acid with excitatory effects on brain cells), methanol and phenylalanine, and scientists are placing it at the higher end of the range of what is considered toxic. When aspartame breaks down, it produces a compound that is a powerful brain-tumor-causing chemical.
    • Ninety different symptoms have been documented as a result of aspartame consumption, including anxiety attacks, slurred speech, depression and migraines.
    • Avoid artificial sweeteners by reading ingredients and avoiding the products above. The FDA also recently approved of calling aspartame AminoSweet, so beware of that ingredient as well.
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
    • MSG is a form of concentrated salt added to foods to enhance flavor. It was first used in military rations to give them a better taste, but it was soon adopted by the entire food industry.
    • Blaylock, a noted neurosurgeon and authority on excitotoxins such as MSG, discovered that there was silent damage to the brain, and over time he saw destruction of major portions of the brain that could cause Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and other brain ailments.
    • The best way to avoid it is to stop eating processed food, or look for it in the ingredients, mainly as monosodium glutamate or yeast extract.
Henry, D. Four most dangerous toxins to the brain. Natural News. June 10 2014.
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3 thoughts on “Four Most Dangerous Toxins to the Brain

    • Thank you for your comments!! As I always recommend to my patients, avoid anything “artificial” or any word on a ingredient label that you don’t understand, because your body won’t either! But, if you do add sugar to coffee, etc. sugar in the raw or from sugar cane is the most natural form for the body to digest and absorb. Of course this comes with calories! Now if you have a dietary reason to not consume pure sugar, then stevia would be my next best suggestion. I have some research on each individual artificial sweetener (Splenda by far is the worst!) if you are interested! 🙂

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