Foods BANNED in Other Countries, But Not America!

Try avoiding these foods over the holidays and always!  After this research, I may become vegan.

  1. Milk Linked to Infertility; Ironic?Pentz Family Chiropractic Summerville rBGH
  • Cattle are fed rBGH and rBST, synthetic hormones, to get more meat out of the cow
  • Found in: American milk and dairy products
  • Banned in: European Union, Japan, Australia, China, New Zealand and Canada
  • Health Hazards: Infertility, weakened muscle growth and many cancers (and it is harmful to the cows!)
  1. Arsenic-LacePentz Family Chiropractic Summerville Chickend Chicken      
  • Fed to chickens to make their meat appear pinker and fresher
  • Found in: Poultry
  • Banned in: European Union
  • Health Hazards: Arsenic is POISON. If you eat enough it will kill you.
  1. Flame-Resistant BeveragesPentz Family Chiropractic Summerville brominated veg oil
  • Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) makes food coloring stick to liquid; Bromine is a toxic chemical used in flame retardant
  • Found in: Sports drinks, energy drinks and citrus-flavored drinks
  • Banned in: Over 100 countries
  • Health Hazards: Thyroid issues, schizophrenia, autoimmune disease, birth defects, organ damage and  hearing loss

4.  Petroleum-Based Food Coloring

  • Food without color is less appealing, so fake dyes are used; made from petroleum (also used to make gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt and tar!!)Pentz Family Chiropractic Summerville Artificial Food Dye
  • Found in: Many foods, cake mixes, sports drinks, cheese, candy and macaroni and cheese
  • Banned in: Norway, Finland, Austria, France, and the United Kingdom
  • Health Hazards: Brain cancer, nerve deterioration, and hyperactivity in children
  1. Toxic Bread
  • Potassium Bromate (Bromated flour) is used to reduce baking time
  • Found in: Rolls, wraps, flat bread, bread crumbs and bagel chips
  • Banned in: Europe, Canada, Brazil and China
  • Health Hazards: Kidney and nervous system disorders, cancer and gastrointestinal discomfort

Pentz Family Chiropractic Summerville azodicarbminide

  1. Yoga Mat Sandwich
  • Azodicarbonamide is used to bleach flour; also used to bleach foamed plastic (soles of sneakers and yoga mats)
  • Found in: Bread, frozen dinners, boxed pasta and packaged baked goods
  • Banned in: Australia, U. K. and Singapore (you can get 15 years in jail for using this chemical in food here)
  • Health Hazards: Induces asthma
  1. Medicated MeatPentz Family Chiropractic Summerville ractopamine
  • Ractopamine is a drug used to make animals more muscular; similar chemicals are used in asthma medication
  • Found in: Pork and beef
  • Banned in: European Union, Russia and China
  • Health Hazards: Weight gain, increased heart rate, insomnia, headaches, and tremors
  1. Cancerous Preservatives
  • ButylPentz Family Chiropractic Summerville BHAated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) are chemicals used to stop food from spoiling
  • Found in: Cereal, chewing gum, butter, dehydrated potatoes, etc.
  • Banned in: United Kingdom, Japan and many European countries
  • Health Hazards: Known to cancer and tumors in rats
  1. Carrageenan: Can’t Say it? Don’t Eat it!Pentz Family Chiropractic Summerville carageenan
  • Carrageenan is used as an emulsifier and thickener; can be especially dangerous to young children
  • Found in: Processed dairy goods (baby formula, ice cream, yogurt, even organic brands!)
  • Banned in: Infant formulas in the European Union
  • Health Hazards: Causes gastrointestinal problems and cancer
  1. Run-to-the-Bathroom Chips
  • Olestra was created as a substitute for cooking oil. This chemical robs the body’s ability to absorb vitaminPentz Family Chiropractic SummervilleFat free Chipss.
  • Found in: Fat-free potato chips, corn chips and French fries
  • Banned in: UK and Canada
  • Health Hazards: Oily anal leakage and vitamin depletion
Reference: Higher Perspective. 16 Foods So Bad For You They’re BANNED in Some Countries, But Not America. July 7, 2014.

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