Top Foods With More Vitamin C Than an Orange

Without enough Vitamin C, cell growth and circulatory health can be compromised.  Vitamin C is necessary to ensure that the system develops properly and is able to function well every step of the way; however, many people may be deficient in this nutrient, which can lead to an inability of the immune system to operate effectively.

Those with a Vitamin C deficiency may experience a variety of symptoms ranging from fatigue and weight loss to bruising easier and having more muscle and joint aches.

According to the National Institute of Health, it is recommended that adult men consume 90 mg of Vitamin C daily and that adult women obtain  75 mg daily.  The amount varies depending on age, gender and other factors such as if a person is pregnant or breastfeeding.Pentz Family Chiropractic Summerville Dr. April Leary Fruit

  • Orange: 83 mg Vitamin C
  • Papaya: 96 mg Vitamin C (also high in fiber and folate)
  • Broccoli (2 cups): 132 mg Vitamin C
  • Strawberries (1 cup): 87 mg Vitamin C (consumption is linked to reduction in cognitive declines
  • Cauliflower (2 cups): 128 mg Vitamin C (fights damaging free radicals and has anti-inflammatory qualities
Raw Michelle. Top Foods With More Vitamin C Than an Orange. Natural News.

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